Our Vision:

Walking with Christ in His Mission!

Our vision is that Jesus will continuously call us to walk with Him and make us part of His mission of salvation in our community.  We pray that He will send us out on the road of life to walk alongside other people and talk to them the way Jesus talked, not with criticism and judgment, but with love and respect. We want to tell Jesus' story from the Bible.  We pray that He will work through us to call more and more people into relationship with Him.

Our Core Values:

We are Here to:

LIVE in conscious personal faith in Jesus Christ for the Forgiveness of our Sins, Salvation and Eternal Life.

ENSURE that God's Law and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in His Holy Word, the Bible, are the foundation for all we do.

MAKE the invitation of the Gospel evident in every ministry and function of our church.

GIVE our lives in serving others and not just ourselves.

LIVE out the Great Commission by ministering the Gospel to our community.

FIND our fulfillment as we worship and serve the Lord with people of all backgrounds.

DELIVER the highest possible quality in every ministry and function of our church.

DEFINE the success of our ministry by God's standards instead of the world's values.

Have Fun Together!

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