Family Ministries

We love families, and whether you are married, not-married-yet, a son, a daughter, a mom, a dad or a grandparent, you are part of a family and we minister to each other in our different roles and seasons of life together.

Home Groups
Scattered all over our community and beyond people are getting together in their homes. Some of my favorite ministry happens when a few people get together in homes, grab a bite to eat and dig into God’s Word while toddlers crawl over Bibles, babies are passed around and kids of all ages discuss what God is saying and how He is impacting our lives.

We spend all week dividing the family up between work, school, sports and the arts, I love it when we can bring the family together and get connected. We have a few homes where people gather together to get to know God and each other better. Get in touch with anyone on the Leaders page to find out where and when you can connect.


If you'd like to check out one of or Home Gatherings, please call one of our leaders:

Marlon and Pam Kinrade: (563) 357-5794

Elaina Lomsdalen: (563) 659-1999

Lovell and Carolyn Jaques: (563) 508-4640